The necklaces in this collection also have solo listings, except for the compass. When my niece layered them for the fabulous photo above, I couldn't help but also include them together. It's nice to see them together to compare and contrast, and to decide which one (or more) speaks to you.


Petite Medallion: charm is 14mm (not including the bail) and chain is 18"

Wanderlust Compass: charm is 17mm (not including the bail) and chain is 18"

Quatrefoil Medallion: 20mm (not including the bail) and chain is 20"

Floral Medallion: 24mm (not including the bail) and chain is 20"


***I previously made this necklace with a thick rope chain (see photo of my fab niece at the beach). However, the cost of gold has skyrocketed this year (thanks a lot, 2020) and I am now making it in a cable chain to avoid having to raise the prices. The cable chain uses less gold than is required for the weave of a rope chain.

Golden Goddess Collection