Hugs. I miss them. Send somebody you miss a hug this holiday. This 925 Sterling Silver ring is adjustable in size and, bonus, it’s dipped in rhodium to avoid the need to polish.Add a gift note and allow me to package it up with festive ribbon and even jingle bells and send to whomever you wish to receive the lasting hug.Once the recipient adjusts the ring to the desired size, they may wish to press the hands down toward the skin so they lay on the skin and not “outward” to potentially snag something. This isn’t necessarily required but I did this for the one I wear and I prefer it.P.S. I love to design and make jewelry but I have not mastered photography. The images that might appear as if the edges of the ring are gold, that is simply a reflection from my backyard. The ring is completely 925 Sterling Silver (dipped in rhodium for tarnish resistance).


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