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A wire-wrapped rock crystal quartz gemstone dangles about an inch below three tiny tanzanites and an 16" gold-filled rope chain. These tanzanites offer almost a cornflower blue hue and look soft and beautiful adorned above the quartz.


What is Rock Crystal Quartz?

Rock Crystal is the name of clear, colorless quartz. Rock crystal can have the colorless clarity of pure water, unlike ordinary window glass which is a pale green. Yet the most common flaws - internal fractures - result in veils and colorful refractions that lend beauty to an otherwise ordinary object.


What is Tanzanite?

Tanzanite is my second favorite gemstone. However, it is a close second (I simply cannot dethrone my first gemstone love, the emerald). Tanzanite's blue to purple color is mesmerizing to me. It was discovered in Tanzania (hence the name) in 1967 and some associate the stone with contentment and understanding. 

Rock Crystal & Tanzanite