I curated this medallion and have found myself wondering precisely what it represents. In one view, it is simply a fun and trendy coin necklace, and that's enough. Take a closer look and see the depiction of Saint Benedict with the year 1893 noted. Saint Benedict lived from 480 to 547, and was cannonized in 1220, so why 1893? One possibility is because 1893 was the year that Saint Benedict Parish was established in Maryland. It was almost immediately a safe haven for immigrants who arrived on the shores of America. I like to know a story behind something, especially when it represents goodness. I'm still trying to figure out this one. In the meantime, it's a pretty great necklace to consider adding to your wardrobe.


The coin (or medallion) is approximately 19mm in diameter and dangles from a necklace of 18.5", 14k GF rope chain and a lobster clasp. 

Saint Benedict