Over 100 itty bitty gold balls comprise this adjustable-length necklace. It can hold its own worn solo but also adds depth and character when layered with favorites you already own. Each golden ball bead is 3mm in size. Every bit of hardware I use for this piece is 14k GF. The necklace can be worn at any length between 14 and 16" on its longest option. I am happy to make it at a different, custom length for you... send me a message and let's chat. 

W H A T ' S ∙ I N ∙ A ∙ N A M E 
The Highball Necklace is a nod to the sleek cocktail glass, which focuses the bubbles up. This string of tiny golden bubbles sits high, near the collarbone. I hope this will be an instant favorite for you. While it wears beautifully solo, please do have fun in also adding layers of other necklaces you already own. 

T H E ∙ B A C K S T O R Y 
I made the first two of these a few years ago... one for my niece and the other for an influencer. Somehow, with my kids still in elementary school and, you know, life, the time flew by before I thought to make another. Fast forward to this Spring and I found myself wanting to make it again. I suppose timing is everything because I have learned so much about my craft in that time that I can now make it even better... it lays so beautifully, not wonky like this style can if it is made where the bead hole opening is too big for whatever is used to thread it (on that note, please know that I use a gold chain so this piece is gold through and through, no wires or threads). I gifted this style most recently to my sweet friend Jen and the requests for the piece are beginning to flood in. As a one-mama business, I am grateful. Thank you! 

T H E ∙ N E C K L A C E 
• ALL METAL: 14k GF 
• BALL BEADS: 3mm each 
• LENGTH: 14-16" adjustable 

Y O U R ∙ O R D E R ∙ A L S O ∙ I N C L U D E S 
• GIFT BOX: Sliding-lid, wooden keepsake box 
• GIFT NOTE: Optional. If interested, simply tell me your verbiage and I’ll work some magic. 
• POUCH: For ongoing storage, and because it’s pretty 

O V E R A L L ∙ T I M I N G 
• PROCESSING: I aim to have orders ready to leave MOBjewels within a single business day 
• FREE SHIPPING: USPS First Class Mail is F∙R∙E∙E on all U.S. orders (time en route is approximately 3-5 days). 
• FASTER SHIPPING: You may upgrade to USPS Priority Mail for $5 during the check-out process (time en route is approximately 1-2 days, not including Sundays). 

R E T U R N S ∙ R E P A I R S ∙ R E F U N D S Not happy? Pleeeeeeease let me know and let’s make it right, even if it’s months from now. Thank you for considering MOBjewels! XO

The Highball Necklace