I have so many different MOB pieces and it never fails that no matter what I’m wearing, from simple luck necklace to beautiful pearls, I receive a ton of compliments. Absolutely stunning and quality work! Love my MOB Jewels!

- Alexis

I wear my UNITY Pearls all most everyday! I get so many compliments! But they have to get the story with it! I am so proud of this Artist here! So very honored! 

- Nisey Baylor

I have two beautiful pieces of jewelry from this site and they're both amazing!!! I absolutely love them, they're gorgeous and I can't wait to get more!

- Audra

I just received a new Druzy necklace that is so unique.  Large oval shaped snow druzy incased in charcoal black type gems.  My 5th piece!!!!!  I can't get enough!!!!!

- Kareen G.

Just received my silver stud earrings and they are awesome! Most ball studs 'droop' on my ear lobes but not these, so I'm super happy. I have my eyes on a MOBJewels druzy bar necklace next. Love all the pieces they sell and the customer service is great. Thanks so much!

- Lori M

Just got my #MOBjewels guitar pick custom necklace(s) today. I'm in love! I will be supporting my favorite rock star at all his gigs, and most days beyond that....this is my friend, Jennifer does fabulous work! 

- Terri Pulliam

I am hooked!!!! My first Druzy was a necklace on a silver chain and the most beautiful bluish/lavender color!  I get constant compliments.  I have 2 pairs of snow circle Druzy one pair are studs and the others are dangles!!!! They are so sparkly.Today I am now the proud owner of a Druzy hanging bar on a 30 inch mini ball chain. I am in love!!!! The first place I went I received 3 compliments! I love MOB. Jennifer is so great!  I can't to add to my growing collection!  The prices are also wonderful. I totally agree...the pricing is guilty free ever when you buy more that one!  I also love to mix and match the Druzies, they compliment each other!

- Kareen

I have purchased 2 pieces as birthday gifts and both recipients have LOVED them!  Not to mention the darling wooded chest in which the gift was housed!  Jennifer is very prompt with her orders and provides excellent customer service! Now the big decision - - what do I get for myself!??!  ;)

- Julie Bleyenberg

mob jewelry is outstanding quality. I just recently purchased a necklace, and the first day I got compliments. I will definitely shop more in the future...Kellie

- Kellie

Jennifer is an outstanding seller & went above & beyond w/ her customer service. Her necklaces are so gorgeous I had a tough time deciding which 1 I wanted, so she offered to send all 3 so I could choose. She even sent pictures of the necklaces so I could individually select them! They came in the most incredible gift wrapping, themed w/ St. Paddy’s Day ribbons & white boxes inside antique, wooden jewelry boxes. The necklaces are all so stunning-I get compliments constantly. The stones sparkle even in the dark! The ball chains are beautiful & well made. It was such a tough decision to pick which one to keep--so I didn't. I kept all of them! Not only that, I have decided that they would make great gifts for my mother & cousin's upcoming birthdays & I also plan to add more to my collection once my tax refund comes in! :)

- Carrie Flanagan

MOB jewels has become a lovely guilt-free treat to myself since discovering it. I have 2 druzy necklaces and a pair of druzy earrings that I wear all the time. They catch the light beautifully and kick up my everyday outfits a notch or two...as well as complementing more dressy occasions. The prices make it a guilt-free experience, but my favorite part is how the fun packaging makes me feel like it's a surprise to myself!

- Laura

I received the silver drusy necklace and it sparkles like diamonds (but without the hefty price!). Wore it to my DAR Christmas luncheon, receiving rave reviews while I felt like a million dollars! The purple drusy earrings are perfect! Finally have a pair to match a titanium drusy I've had for awhile but never could find earrings that went well with it. Now I do! When I wear my new MOBjewels, I feel like breaking out in song, "I Feel Pretty!" Customer service is the best and I will be a returning customer for sure!

- Carol Viergutz

I saw MOBjewels when searching for jewelry. Today I received the lovliest necklace and matching earrings. The snow necklace - round - and matching stud earrings which sit nicely on the ear lobes not hanging down so you can't see the sparkle.. My husband, who never notices anything noticed them and asked me how much I paid for them thinking they were expensive. I told him and he said they were just lovely on me...or words to that effect. A very pretty pendant - sparkly and fun and well-made earrings. Also the chain is a little sturdier than those you find on other web sites. I am going to a be fan of this web site I think.. I have my eye on two more pieces. Also customer service was SUPERB! 

- Anna Ashley